A tribute to one of the 3 musketeers.


That Friday evening, you called Bimbo and i as usual, to ask what Friday evening would be like. We decided to have pizza and just cool off the week’s pressure. That plan materialized.

While eating, we talked about our road trip to Delta state the next Friday. Other pending plans were casually talked about. We did our mini-convoy till we parted ways, to individual homes.

On Sunday, Bimbo waited for you to bring home food from your trip to Ibadan. Your delay made him come to eat at my place. After some more hours of not hearing from you, some calls were made, where the mouth-gawping news was broken.

Life paused, Ojebs.

You know, you were technically the best driver between the 3 of us….So hearing that you died from a car accident was devastating.

You were so calm. You caused no troubles. I never saw you out of control.

It hurts that i always said ‘Ojebs my guy’ instead of me coming out straight to say ‘I love u Bro’. But I know that you know I really do.

I’m full with mixed feelings. If you had asked either or both Bimbo and I to come along on that trip, we would definitely have. So know I don’t know if I should say ‘what if we were in the car with you’ or ‘if I was there, I’d have pulled you out faster out of the car”.

In the end, God knows all.
Ademola Taofeek Folahan Ojebiyi, rest in peace. Keep interceding for us as you are beside God.
Love you, mahn.

1 for all, all for 1.




Add yours

  1. Ojebz!!!! I really didn’t know you but shawler talked so much about you…. On that fateful day when you left this cruel world, shawler told me and it felt like I lost a best friend.
    That feeling….. Seeing someone this moment and the next moment , they are totally gone… It’s been a year already. You would always be remembered…. Continue to R.I.P and j trust bimbo and shawler to continue to hold the fort in your absence


  2. I’ve met you a couple of times and your countenance is one I always respected. its really sad to know that all that great attitude has gone to rest. RIP dear


  3. Don’t knw what exactly to type but what is certain is dat God knows best n His plan for us is always d best. Rest in d bossom of d almighty……Till we meet again


  4. Rest In Peace brother!!!
    still finding it hard to blif sha. Saw ur pic on Ahmodu’s dp and i tot it was ur birthday or something.
    The next PM that followed was unbelievable…God knows better and i know you are in a better place.
    Continue to rest in the bosom of God.


  5. RIP Ojebiyi Ademola. I am still in shock that you have left us to the great beyond whereby I pray for Heaven for u. Reuniting with u after years after high school was so different from then. A real friend I call you. I believe God knows best and there was a reason for you to have left us soon so. We have been on tours together which you drove and i know you always cautious. Ojebz you have made your impact in life so now sleep well with Lord. Ademola Ojebiyi you wouldn’t be forgotten so fast though you went so soon. RIP Bro


  6. Hmmm.ojebz;as u were popularly Called, words cannot express how deepened our hearts are with sadness and grief. Never taught I would write a tribute to you this soon.d very day I heard abt ur demise, despite d fact that it would av been too expensive to Be a joke but i rily wished it was one of those expensive jokes… How Do I even start this? Do I strt from the very first day I met you, or all ourhanging out 2geda wiv d oda 2musketeers? or the last time I saw you(06/06/2014)? How We Gisted 4 a long time and ate a lot of cake, and smallchops together in bimbo’s house. How sad never knewthat Would actually be mylast time of seeing you again…you were indeed a warm hearted guy, easy going, a guy full of dreams n hopes. How painful cn death be to have snatched all that away. cont to REST IN PEACE OJEBZ, you will always be missed


  7. Zaccheus….as we fondly referred to u den whyl in skul. We resumed SSS1 2geda,&we both started frm block C. Ur last locatn was Block F,i wsh i didnt miss last year’s reunion….nw i rily regret it d more. A pain 2 d 72,u shal continue 2 remain thr wit us. Eternal rest grant unto him oh Lord,and let ur perpetual light shine on him!


  8. Its hard 2 believe u’r gone ojebs buh its true. I’ll always remember hw wonderful, calm & easy u wer. I’ll miss hw much u told me u loved my low cut. me, u & bimbo running arnd on Shola’s bday, eating pizza @ dominos, danced wif u often & all.. Now, no more 3 Musketeers bro, but God knws best. U wer & U still r a Great Friend & Brother. Rest in Peace Ademola “Feek” Ojebiyi.


  9. Ojebs……. I really don’t know what to say cos you are that kind of guy some of us look up to and say…I want to be like that guy I still can’t believe it…. I know you are in a better place now rest in peace bro …….. ogedengbe


  10. There is a time for every individual. A time to smile and a time to cry. A time to be happy and a time to be sad. A time to wake up and a time to sleep. A time to live and a time to die. The religious say everything happens for a reason and there is no leaf that leaves a tree without God’s’knowledge. So who are we to question God. Rest in perfect peace Ademola Ojebiyi.


  11. Ademola Ojebiyi….whose house am I going to do cooking practice, three of us had everything planned out and we just started acting on them this month….you dint stay to enjoy your New fridge…your promotion was around the corner…it will never be the same without you .


  12. Ojebiyi Demola, he’s a great guy, calm, perfect gentle man and hard working brother. In fact I called him my financier for some reasons. I love u bro and you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace my friend, my brother and my classmate.


  13. “Ojebs my man” that’s what I always called you .i’m still in shock that you are gone just like that. When I saw your picture on kola’s dp I
    thought it was your birthday or that you got promoted at work or that you were getting married soon. Those were my thoughts only for me to read the status message and I was shocked by those words I read. Immediately I remembered every single time we spent together from ckcc to meeting in OAU when we went to write pre-degree exam,to eating pizza at dominos and you buying clothes from me. it’s really sad that you are gone bro but hey who am I to question God. Trust me bro you are in a better more phcn wahala or having to wake up early just to get to work. we would all miss you bro and I pray for the repose of your soul brother. Till we meet again bro… Rest in peace …


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