11 shades of me

1. I’m sapiosexual. Forget the body and stories, I’m sexually attracted to someone with great intellect. So let’s just rephrase, I’ll spend my free time with the hot lady, but I’ll make out time ,and marry an intelligent and highly knowledgeable woman.

2. Out of nowhere, my crush on Rihanna has been growing. And linda Ikeji’s blog plays a major role in that.

3. I’m still trying to remember a girl or lady I asked out, and she refused to date me.

4. Tho’ I’ve made up my mind not to say it again, I would only for this blog…..: I hate accounting. Its an over rated, much-ado-about-nothing, ‘we need to stay relevant’ field.

5. I’ve once crushed on my cousin..#picks race.

6. My wife has food as the last thing to worry about. I’m not particular about what I eat, when I eat,who makes the meal….tho I hate to do the dishes,but then, love conquers all.

7. My definition of fulfilled is when 7 out of 10 people either know my name,my face,company or have read my book.

8. i am innocently,overly Friendly, especiaLly the type InterpReted as seducTive. (pick out all the capital letters to get the summarized meaning of this line).

9. I’m never bored. I don’t know what it means. My hands, heart,mind, and brains are usually busy. There’s always this spice or activity around me.

10. I prefer to save money in the wooden cases ‘kolo’ than in a bank. Oh,except my fixed deposit tho’.

11. Recently I discovered I can twerk. How,I dunno. Was just in the bathroom tryna clean ma teeth,I tried it, 1-2, up-down,kaput!! I was twerking….#shoot me

27 thoughts on “11 shades of me

  1. looool, u re just a farfer.. I like Nos 1, 6,7, and 9. I agree with you on No. 4.. For No. 8, I have always known u as a FLIRT so not surprised *tongue out*.. by d ways, wat are u feeling like in No. 3? feeling like your flirting skills re on point? mscheew.. looool.


  2. All girls should read this and think about itt ” I’ll spend my free time with the hot lady, but I’ll make out time ,and marry an intelligent and highly knowledgeable woman”….can’t expect less from shola tho…this is a blog a take out my time to visit, I don’t rush when reading


  3. Lmaoooooooooooo. Very funny. Talking about accounting wen u r an ‘Agbe’. Develop ur sef in ur on field rather dan boring ursef with accounting. Some gurls shld note some of ur shades cos it wil help dem.LOL


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